The Tocqueville Program fosters the study of the role of religion in America’s constitutional republic. Through public lectures, debates, conferences, and fellowships, the Tocqueville Program seeks to nurture informed conversation, learning and scholarship about the fundamental principles of a decent and just political regime with a particular focus on religious liberty.

Our sister program, the undergraduate minor in Constitutional Studies, provides the academic means by which students can engage in learning and discussion about constitutionalism, including church-state issues and First Amendment rights.

What We Do

Our public events and conferences are the highlight of our program. We bring distinguished scholars and authors onto campus to share their expertise on relevant and often difficult cultural and political topics. For more details about upcoming events or to watch videos of previous lectures, visit our events section.

How We Do It

The Tocqueville Program is made possible by generous donations from national foundations and private benefactors. We also receive tremendous support from other on-campus programs and centers. Our Partners section contains more information about our sponsors and on how you can get involved with our mission.


Undergraduate student fellows are at the heart of what we do. The student leaders who comprise the Tocqueville Fellowship have a unique opportunity to engage in scholarship and conversation about religion and government, and furthermore, to create a community in which the intersection of faith and public life is realized.